About Me

I used to hate cooking. 

Like, really hate cooking. Hated cooking so much that my two truths one lie always included “I LOVE cooking” just so I could put the smack down on those people who were trying to get to know me. Oh, I’ll show you. 

But I digress. 

When I moved to Victoria, I suddenly understood food culture. Everyone here is into food, and everyone here talks about food. I met organic farmers, hard core foodies, BBQ gurus, and found my way into some of the best food spots in the city. All that, coupled with me starting grad school online (SJSU! Go Spartans!) meant I had a chance to take my tentative first steps into learning how to cook. 

And it was actually pretty fun. 

Don’t tell anyone. 
And of course, I didn’t come by this magically. I’m lucky, I grew up in a household where my mom could make literally anything in her kitchen, so I learned a lot by just being around food. I learned how to steer a meal back on the tracks by combining species, heat, and prayers to any deity you can reach. I learned how to build flavours together to get something new. I learned to taste my food. Most importantly, I learned to salt my water well before adding pasta to cook (thanks mom!)

So I’m not a chef. I’m not a brilliant culinary mind. I do a lot of things wrong. I’m just looking for a place to tell you about what I’m trying, show you my favourites, and lament when things don’t work. 

So welcome, let’s get cooking!

Oh, and one more thing. There will likely be very few desserts here. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, I’m actually not too too into sweets, I would rather have more potatoes (or bacon!). But more importantly, baking to me is a strange, alchemy-like activity that requires precision and a dedication to the recipe as written. I have neither. So this is not going to be a baking blog. Just so you know. 


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