Trying Things: Tempura Trouble

I like trying new things. Yummy new food things. 

Tempura prawns and vegetables
A dream of what could have been. But wasn’t.

That being said, sometimes when we try things, they don’t always work. I think it’s important to discuss our mistakes and learn from them. And a reasonable amount of time has passed. 
So, tempura. 

I love tempura! It’s beautiful and lovely and makes delicious food even better. It even makes eggplant desirable. Which is a hell of a thing to achieve. #eggplanthater

So I tried to tempura the hell out of everything. Eggplant, zucchini, tofu, and prawns. The former two failed, the latter were almost a success. 

The batter didn’t stick to the veggies at all. The little pockets of tempura which were once attached to the veggies got stuck to the paper towel and then we were just eating mushy zucchini. Sigh. 

My attempt for next time will be to cook the veg a little shorter then dry it on a paper towel and throw it on a cookie tray in the oven. 
Well, onward and upward! 


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