Impulse Buy: Korean Cheetos

So I love Cheetos. They are my favourite junk food of all time, which means my life is a journey of one cheeto bag to another. 
Sure, I should be embarrassed about this. I should hide my habit in dark corners and back alleyways. I should certainly not write about cheetos on my blog, but I’m guessing the part of my brain that should be embarrassed about my Cheetos addiction has been eaten away by Cheetos. 
So, naturally, when I was in the Korean grocery store and I saw that there were Cheetos I had no choice but to partake. 

Plus a fun gift that I can’t figure out!

I poured the cheetos out and was surprised to discover that they did not glow in the dark as Cheetos should. 

Why don’t the contents of this bowl light my way at night?

Upon first taste, there was a whisper of cheese and – GOOD LORD WHY ARE KOREAN CHEETOS SWEET?!!
Like, SWEET. Cookies and ice cream sweet. But, like… cheesy sweetness. 
I think when we eat junk food, we are looking for a specific, comforting taste. Being met with the exact opposite of our expectations is not what junk food is intended to be. 
So, go forth, enjoy your favourite junk food with reckless abandon… but maybe try to do so in moderation. 
And if your cheetos are sweet, pawn them off on your loved ones just for their reactions. 


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