Kitchen Items: Jamie Oliver’s Really Sharp Knife Tool

One of the many things my mom always taught me was that a dull knife in the kitchen is less safe than a sharp one. So of course, as soon as I moved out and started my own kitchen, I immediately… disobeyed my mom and tossed my dull knives into a kitchen drawer. 

Which was fine when the extent of my cooking was grilled cheese, but with all the choppy choppy that goes on (six cups worth of mushrooms choppy choppy!) I like a nice sharp knife (and a beautiful knife block- thanks for that my darling!)

Enter Jamie Oliver’s Really Sharp Knife Tool:

Nothing like Jamie Oliver’s stern face to make you question why you didn’t sharpen your knives sooner.

Trying my knife on a piece of paper, a banana, and cardstock before sharpening, it was clear that my knife needed a little TLC. 

I was so scientific about it, I even had videos to make into .gifs, but alas they turned out all wonky. Me and technology. 

OooooOooOoo look at that beauty.

Oliver’s directions recommend 3-4 swipes across the ceramic discs. 

And I have to say, the performance on the banana, paper, and cardstock showed a definite improvement! 

This is one of those tools that likely needs to be used often, but it is really simple to use and is much less scary than those sabre-like sharpeners I have seen. 

The sharpener retails for $24.99,  but I got mine on sale for 40% off, and usually see it for at least 5-10% off, so keep an eye out for sales! 

And now with my nice sharp knives, I can cease bringing shame to my family’s name! 

Until next time, may all your knives be the nicest!


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