Impulse Buy: Coolpis Toc Peach

Stopping by my local Korean grocery store, I picked up some of this adorable little drink:

Unfortunately, my husband drank it before I could have a chance to try some. 

So I went back and got some more! 

After a thorough read of the ingredients (skim milk?), I peeled back the international label to find a confusing diagram. 

Am I supposed to cook dinner in this? Use it as a fruit dip? What am I missing here?

But the Internet revealed very little further information other than there is also a pineapple flavour (currently in my fridge!) and a kimchee flavour (not for me!)

The closest thing I can compare this to is sprite mixed with Tim Horton’s peach drink. 

Ultimately, this is a little too sweet for me, but it’s a nice small drink if you want a special treat! 

Until next time, may all your peaches be peachy! 


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