Places I Eat: The Next

In my neighbourhood I am extremely lucky to have several restaurants and food spots within two or three blocks of my front door. We have two grocery stores, a butcher shop, a veggie store, and a wine store all within a three block radius. And that’s not even touching on the many MANY coffee shops we have. Suffice to say, my neck of the woods loves food and small businesses, and living where I do, I get to enjoy yummy food without having to travel far. 

Enter one of my favourite neighbourhood foodie stops: The Next!

The Next bills itself as modern Japanese cuisine, the concept of modern whatever has always caused me to inadvertently raise an eyebrow. I blame my studies as an English major – I’m always worried that a modern restaurant will reject the original form of a restaurant and I’ll somehow end up cooking. Ok, I get it, I’m the only one who finds my eras of art and literature jokes funny. Noted. 
But modern or postmodern or Dadaist, or whatever, The Next does Japanese fare well. Fair warning, sushi lovers say the sushi is quite good, but not the best they’ve ever had. I prefer to stick to the bento boxes and entree section of the menu. 
My mom found The Next for me and told me I HAD to try the miso soup. I am normally not a big fan of of miso, so I was pleasantly surprised when I tried this new updated version of miso soup. Salty and textured, this miso soup is just a little different from miso soups I have tried. It’s a perfect starter to a meal at the Next. 
I love bento boxes, so I would strongly recommend you try the Next’s bento boxes. Make sure you read your options thoroughly before you order, because there are a lot of different options (yay!) which may lead to confusion when ordering (less yay.) I recommend the tempura veggies or assorted tempura (I like tempura, ok?)
This most recent visit around, I had the chicken donburi and it was exactly what I wanted. Perched on a bed of veggies and rice, these deep fried little chicken bits are delicious with a whisper of spice in the sauce to add a bit of depth. I highly recommend!

To top it off, I always have a bottle of ramune to drink. Fun to open, fun to drink, this soda tastes like a grown up cream soda. 
Try out the Next! It’s a lovely, calm, and welcoming sort of restaurant. 
Until next time may all your entrees be entertaining! 


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