Food I’m Trying: Bougatsa and Cheese Pie

Fig Deli has a warm cozy spot in my foodie heart. It was the first (I hate this term, but google has not given me a less offensive option) ethnic food store I found in town, which made me just a little bit less homesick when I first moved here. 

Fig Deli has a small supermarket with lots of specialty items, like truffle oil, fancy balsamic reductions, tea, and more. They also have a full hot service food counter for Mediterranean fare. I feel like I could spend hours just browsing. Sadly tonight, it was a quick stop. 

Tonight I popped in for an impulse buy and came out with Bougatsa and Cheese pie! Perfecto!

Pie-le on a few more of these on my plate! Yes!

The cheese pie is light and flakey as one might expect phyllo pastry to be, but Fig’s is somehow perfectly crispy without being crunchy, at the same time soft without being smooshy. The cheese is light and salty and perfect. The whole thing is delightful. 

Bougatsa get yourself some of this!

I believe this is my first time trying bougatsa, so I have nothing to compare it to, so I can safely say this is the best bougatsa I have ever had! Absolutely delightful, lovely filling. It wasn’t too sweet and it was delightfully fluffy. Just a delicious pocket of food. 

If you’re in the neighbourhood of Fig Deli, check it out! 

Until next time, may your za’atar always be zesty! 


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