Trying Things: Spicy White Hot Chocolate

I used to love white hot chocolate. Looove it. But over time, I started to find it was too sweet, too uniform in taste, too… blah. 

But on a chilly day like today, the lure of my favourite warm bevvy from the heyday of my youth beckoned. 

Luckily, since we live in the era of technology, I found a million (at least) recipes to make white hot at home. 

Most required whole milk, cream, or half and half, but my suspicion was that I could make it work with just regular milk. I’m not convinced that was the right choice. 

The ingredient line up. “Ma’am can you identify the delicious one?”

Since most recipes had a bit of a different ratio of chocolate:milk, I went with 1/3 cup to 1 cup. That part, I think, was right. 

Science experiments in the kitchen must be rigorously documented for future posterity.

And it all went just fine. Everything melted nicely, and blended well. Until it was tasting time. 

And it was… fine. 

So clearly that’s not going to work. 

So I tried a pinch of salt to try and open it up. 

Still boring. 

So I tried another pinch of salt. 

Snore fest. 

My thought here is that with the low fat content milk and the terrible quality white chocolate, there just isn’t enough taste even with the vanilla and salt. So unless I want to scrap it, I will need to go another direction. 

So I thought: “why not take a page from Mexican cuisine and give it some spice?”

Enter my friend: 

Hold onto your horses, everyone!!! Stuff is getting real.

And I really liked the spice! I just feel like the hot chocolate itself was a bit… boring. 

I served it by lining the bottom with mini marshmallows, then topping with more mini marshmallows and grated chocolate. 

This just needs an Instagram filter and I will have reached peak white girl. Get me a flower crown because I can’t even, bae.
Mildly feminist mug and hot chocolate? Yes yes yesss!

It wasn’t great. It was OK. 

So next time, I’m going to try by melting butter, adding white chocolate chips, then a bit of spice, and then adding the milk. 

Ah, heck. Here I am pretending that I’m not going to jump in and try it again, like, right now. 

Catch you next time! Until then, may your whisks always be whimsical!


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